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Online Merchants Guild

Giving online merchants a voice.

Online Merchants Guild

Giving online merchants a voice.

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Together, we can

Make sure that Online Merchants have a meaningful say in the future of ecommerce policy.
Ward off existential threats such as states imposing unreasonable tax burdens, violating the constitutional rights of our merchants worldwide.
Level the playing field against those organizations that think they can control the rules of the game without consequence.

All of this is achievable, but only in solidarity.

Policy Positions

We are committed to promoting policies that protect Online Merchants.

Sales Tax

We fight for fair administration of all taxes, and are prepared to take whatever legal steps are necessary to preserve the constitutional rights of our members.

Intellectual Property

We stand for preserving the innovative spirit of our members by promoting policies that protect our members from falling victim to trademark and patent trolls, and their baseless infringement claims.

Trade Policy

Free trade isn’t always fair trade. We fight for both.



California State Treasurer Fiona Ma is preparing a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom to ask him to back the proposal to relieve the small online sellers of past liabilities.  Assemblymember Autumn Burke and State Senator Mike McGuire (D-Healdsburg), who is the Chair of...

Sales Tax Update – October 1st Filing Deadlines

To Our Members and Fellow Online Merchants, With all that’s going on with the states right now, we wanted to send out a quick update as we move through the process of filing our lawsuit to fight for your right to be free from overly-burdensome and unconstitutional...

What Wayfair Means For Online Merchants

Today the Supreme Court handed down its decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair. In its ruling the Court removed the fifty-year barrier to tax known as the physical presence rule. Under this rule, no state could subject a business to its tax regime, including the...