Online Merchants Guild

Giving online merchants a voice.

Online Merchants Guild

Giving online merchants a voice.

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Together, we can

Make sure that Online Merchants have a meaningful say in the future of ecommerce policy.
Ward off existential threats such as states imposing unreasonable tax burdens, violating the constitutional rights of our merchants worldwide.
Level the playing field against those organizations that think they can control the rules of the game without consequence.

The Online Merchants Guild is an association of independent ecommerce sellers committed to protecting small businesses and consumers against injurious marketplace manipulation that threatens competitive opportunities and unfairly burdens domestic small businesses.

Policy Positions

We are committed to promoting policies that protect Online Merchants.

Sales Tax

We fight for fair administration of all taxes, and are prepared to take whatever legal steps are necessary to preserve the constitutional rights of our members.

Income Tax

The choice of a platform to store inventory in a state is not grounds for said state to impose their income taxes on an out of state entity.


Constant marketplace manipulation by marketplace platforms as well as external bad actors has led to a point where legislative accountability is necessary.


Online Merchants Guild response to recent statements made by Amazon

Members of the Online Merchants Guild (OMG) have expressed concern about recent statements made by Amazon in response to pending antitrust legislation. Importantly, much of what Amazon has said about these bills is self-serving. Amazon may have led you to believe that...


WE MUST TAKE CONTROL OF THE DIALOGUE IN CONGRESS THAT WILL FOREVER CHANGE OUR FUTURE Two weeks ago, the House Judiciary Committee introduced a package of antitrust legislation which includes the possible breakup of Amazon. This groundbreaking package of Legislation...

OMG Attorney Aaron Block Quoted by Congresswoman Jayapal

During the antitrust hearings earlier today a letter from the Guild's trial attorney Aaron Block was read by the sponsor of the bill, Congresswoman Jayapal while making a point about the overwhelming level of control that Amazon has over it's merchants. We thank...