The Online Merchants Guild is an association of independent online merchants committed to protecting e-commerce against marketplace manipulation that threatens competitive opportunities and unfairly burdens domestic small businesses.

Over the past several years eCommerce Merchants have seen large amounts of change affect them and their businesses. States with unconstitutional back sales tax demands, marketplaces where false claims and ever-increasing fees are rampant and the list goes on.

The Online Merchants Guild believes that 3rd party Ecommerce Merchants deserve to have their voices heard and concerns addressed. Since being founded in 2018 by our Executive Director Paul Rafelson we have put that belief into practice by actively fighting on behalf of the community.

That fight has taken many forms over the past few years. Advocating on behalf of sellers on a state and federal level, participating in a Congressional antitrust investigation and filing multiple lawsuits on behalf of the community.

Our members run the gamut from small hobby Merchants to some of the top grossing Merchants online and we strongly feel that each of them deserves equal representation. We believe in the power of fair and inclusive markets where small and large business owners alike are able to compete based on innovation and grit.

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