This morning, Attorney General Karl A. Racine announced that the District of Columbia is suing Amazon on antitrust grounds. The lawsuit alleges that Amazon illegally maintained monopoly power by fixing prices through enforcement of it’s “Fair Price Policy”.

Key quote from the press release:

“Amazon has used its dominant position in the online retail market to win at all costs. It maximizes its profits at the expense of third-party sellers and consumers, while harming competition, stifling innovation, and illegally tilting the playing field in its favor,” said AG Racine. “We filed this antitrust lawsuit to put an end to Amazon’s illegal control of prices across the online retail market. We need a fair online marketplace that expands options available to District residents and promotes competition, innovation, and choice.”  

The AG’s full press release can be read here and a full copy of the complaint which was filed in court can be accessed here.

This is a breaking story, more to come as it develops.